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champagne new years

When traveling to Greece for the holiday season you will be fascinated by how Greeks celebrate the New Year. You will obviously want to experience all the must-do’s when in Greece for New Year’s. Soak in the sounds of the celebrating crowds and the aromas of traditional Greek culinary delights. We’ve compiled a list of all the Greek can’t miss holiday traditions. Some you might know, others might take you by surprise!

The Moses Bridge Netherlands 1
Moses Bridge, this incredible “sunken” bridge in the Netherlands, provides visitors with a one-of-a-kind way to access a beautiful 17th-century Dutch fort.
A series of fortresses and moats were built along the West Branbant Water Line in the 17th century. These were constructed to protect the residents from invasions by Spain and France.
Fort de Roovere, for example, was surrounded by a shallow moat that was too deep to march across but too shallow for boats to float on. It was protected until two architects, Ro Koster and Ad Kil, designed the Moses Bridge.

 5th avenue
The holiday season is officially upon us, with the 2022 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lit up in all its glory! The 50-foot wide, 14-ton tree was brought down to NYC from Queensbury, New York. Once it completed the roughly 200-mile trek to Manhattan, teams unfolded and hoisted this year’s 82-foot tall Norway Spruce into place, lighting it up on Nov. 30.