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A modern day “Viking” boards an Ancient Greek Trireme warship

A YouTuber from Norway had the opportunity to get a personal tour of the iconic ancient Greek warship called the Trireme when he visited Athens.

A history buff, Harald Baldr travels around the globe and creates content on his social media about different cultures making his followers and subscribers aware of the rich history of different peoples.

As a true descendant of his Varangian forefathers, Harald recently arrived in Greece and was lucky enough to get a one-on-one tour of the replica of the 480 BC Athenian warship known as the Trireme.

The Triremes were the most feared sea vessels of their era and helped Athens defeat the Persians in the famous battle of Salamis, effectively ending the Persian ambitions for expansion to the west, while establishing Athens as the dominant sea power of the day in the Mediterranean Sea.

Follow Harald, the modern day Viking and his adventures on his YouTube channel here.