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Cycladic Museum offers online tour of the exhibition 'Cycladic Society. 5000 years ago'

Τhe Museum of Cycladic Art Online is offering an online tour of the emblematic exhibition "Cycladic Society. 5000 years ago" organised in 2016, under the supervision of its director, Professor Nikolaos Stampolidis.

The tour is available at

The exhibition, held to mark the museum's 30th anniversary, presents in a simple and comprehensible way the structure of Cycladic society during the Early Bronze Age (3200 to 2000 BC), the natural environment, the occupations of the inhabitants, their social or religious habits and their beliefs, through items of the early Cycladic culture.

Visitors can tour the Cycladic islands as they were 5,000 years ago, through texts and photographs, videos, maps, chronology and excerpts from the exhibition catalogue, and may also purchase the exhibition catalogue electronically. At the same time, visitors of can for the first time enjoy the four-minute film-poem, where Professor Stampolidis narrates the emergence and culture of early Cycladic society (3200 to 2000 BC) guided by the Cycladic figurine - the symbol that, thanks to its pure form and timeless simplicity, determined the world history of Art, from Prehistory to the 21st century.