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Dr. Despina Afentouli at the Community Media Advocacy Day in Albany, NY

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Dr. Despina Afentouli participated in the press conference that took place on the occasion of the Community Media Advocacy Day in Albany, NY. 

Her entire speech below:

Community Media and Quality Journalism Matter

By Dr. Despina Afentouli*

"Thank you for the honor and opportunity to participate in the Community Media Advocacy Day for the second
consecutive year. We are here at the Capitol building for an important reason. We are here to support the Community
Media Reinvestment Act – a bill in both the New York State Senate and the New York State Assembly that would
support the future of Public, Educational and Governmental community media around New York State.
New York State Senate Bill 2581 and New York State Assembly Bill A5900 propose the installation of an excise tax
on large streaming and satellite corporations, with part of the revenue going to Public, Educational and
Governmental community media.

Citizens in a democratic society make informed, conscious choices through Media, express themselves freely on
policy issues and ensure that elected representatives maintain their oaths and commitments. That is what community
media and networks like BronxNet TV are all about. It is local citizen Journalism. Citizens have equal access to the
technology, studios and local multiplatform channels, to help foster an informed and engaged society.
While the media, as the “fourth estate”, have a great power and responsibility in a democratic society, community
media contribute highly to re-engaging communities on the periphery. For this reason, it is crucial to let the media,
including the community media, flourish with legislation that supports their existence and development.
I thank BronxNet and especially the BronxNet Executive Director, Michael Max Knobbe, for offering me the
opportunity to share my Modern Odyssey program via BronxNet - reporting untold, under-reported or
misrepresented human stories that matter.

And remember - it is not only about the survival of the media but also about saving quality journalism, including
community quality journalism, and journalists who strive for excellence. Support investigative journalism and
specialist reporting. Free media indicate the quality of democracy. Democracies thrive when there are better
opportunities for citizens, greater outcomes for communities and more just societies. Thank you!"

* Dr. Despina Afentouli's speech at the Press conference on the occasion of the Community Media Advocacy
Day in Albany, NY on February 12, 2024. Dr. Despina Afentouli is a journalist-sociologist and researcher.
Dr. Despina Afentouli’s speech is available online on the following link: