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Greek museums give away exhibits for 50 years

Greece's strategy is to ensure that Greek works of art can be exhibited with care and security in various corners of the world.

Parthenon Marbles (Elgin Marbles) - British Museum, London

Parthenon Marbles (Elgin Marbles) - British Museum, London

Greece is internationally recognized as a major power in cultural heritage and so this idea will be important for areas where there is a strong Greek expatriate element (Australia-USA) and it is not as easy as someone living in Europe to visit Greece.


Primarily it will involve the Benaki Museum which has already been addressed by the Greek Museum of Melbourne - the third city in the world with a Greek expatriate population. It is something that major museums around the world have done, such as the Louvre Museum.

It is absolutely clear that the objects that are sent for exhibition belong to the museums that send them for this purpose. Moreover, the sending is done by their own decision and after the approval by the Central Archeological Council. They belong to Greece, which gives the opportunity to be admired by people in every corner of the world, which is a great advertisement for the country and its culture.

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