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"Smyrna, My Beloved" coming to Netflix soon

smyrna denissi
Following the success of Maestro, "Smyrna, My Beloved" will be the next Greek production to be shown on Netflix.The historical drama film will be the first Greek film which will be hosted by the famous subscription platform.
Netflix has been in contact for several months with Tanweer, the production company of the Greek film in which Mimi Denissi stars, which is a sign that they really want the film in their list of films.
Finally the agreement was closed and the official announcement of their addition is expected within the next few days. In fact, the film "Smyrna, My Beloved" will also have a round of screenings in cinemas in Russia and China.
It is also the most expensive production in the history of Greek cinema with a cost that reached 6 million euros.
The film was shot in Lesvos, Chios, Athens, Piraeus and Faliro.
The direction is by Grigoris Karatinakis and the script by Mimi Denissi in collaboration with Martin Sherman, always based on the book and play with the same title by author and actress Mimi Denissi.
Watch the trailer of the film