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A Dutchman has created a miniature of Santorini in his garden as he is unable to travel!

A Dutchman has created a miniature of Santorini in his garden as he is unable to travel there this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fer Geerts from the town of Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands has created a model inspired by the Greek island of Santorini.

He sits in his garden with a glass of red wine and imagines himself walking through the alleys of the Greek islands. When he closes his eyes, he can imagine the idyllic sunset that made Santorini world famous.


Geerts, who has been a regular visitor to Greece since the 1980s, says he would have loved to travel to his "second home" tomorrow if he could, but the coronavirus crisis prevented him from doing so.


The model of Santorini is made up of 22 pieces, fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle. Geerts spent more than twenty years working on the artwork, which he made from scraps such as Styrofoam, wood and cardboard.

The model is almost five meters long and two meters wide. Sun loungers, terraces, shutters, the details of the model have been recreated with amazing precision. "The funny thing is that I keep discovering things I have almost forgotten," he tells in the website.


Geerts says he loves the Greek way of life, the food, the sun and the people. His favorite place, however, is the Cyclades and Santorini in particular.

He says he is counting the days when he will visit Greece and the Cyclades again. Until then, he will enjoy his tiny Santorini from his garden.