Sunday, June 16 2024

Eurovision 2024: Greece in the final with the impressive Marina Satti

eurovision satti zari

With an impressive performance, which did not betray at all the health problems - fever and pharyngitis - that afflicted the young Greek singer earlier, Marina Satti roused the Eurovision audience and deservedly won her place in the final of the contest, tomorrow, Saturday 11 May.

Eva Metis Koutoumanou

Marina Satti with "ZARI" roused the audience that danced with her to the sounds of zurna.

Satti's dynamic performance combined with her impressive stage presence, curated by Fokas Evangelinos - one of the most experienced in the field as he has successfully participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 19 times both in Greece and other countries - and the choreography of Mecnun Giasar (Majnoon), gave Greece the coveted qualification.

The music of the song "ZARI" - which combines contemporary, traditional and ethnic elements - was composed by Marina Satti, OGE, Kay Be, Nick Kodonas, Jay Stolar, Gino The Ghost and Jordan Palmer, while the lyrics are written by VLOSPA, OGE, Solmeister and Marina Satti.

The 10 countries that qualified from the second semi-final to Saturday's final, in the order in which they were announced, are: Latvia, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Israel, Greece, Estonia, Switzerland, Georgia, Armenia.

Greece will appear tomorrow 12th and Cyprus 20th.

The order of the countries as they will appear tomorrow, Saturday 11 May:

1. Sweden
2. Ukraine
3. Germany
4. Luxembourg
5. The Netherlands
6. Israel
7. Lithuania
8. Spain
9. Estonia
10. Ireland
11. Latvia
12. Greece
13. United Kingdom
14. Norway
15. Italy
16. Serbia
17. Finland
18. Portugal
19. Armenia
20. Cyprus
21. Switzerland
22. Slovenia
23. Croatia
24. Agriculture
25. France
26. Austria

The final of Eurovision 2024 will be broadcast live tomorrow, Saturday 11 May, on ERT1 - and globally online on ERTFLIX - and we can vote from every corner of the earth!