Sunday, July 14 2024

"I couldn't find a job in Hollywood because I was Greek", confesses Nia Vardalos during a high-profile event in Greece

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" creator, the movie series that captivated the world and made Greek traditional families loved worldwide, Nia Vardalos, the Greek-Canadian super-wmoan, actress, screenwriter and film producer,  made a series of shocking and touching confessions, addressing the audience of the Power Trip Conference organised by Marie Claire magazine.
Speaking about the early stages of her career, Nia Vardalos revealed that when she moved to Los Angeles, the first agent she approached to find work in Hollywood completely rejected her for three reasons.
1. Because you're not pretty enough to be the star.
2. Because you're not fat enough to be a character artist.
But mainly
3. because you are Greek.
So, you don't belong to one of the big minorities like Puerto Ricans, Hispanics, etc. 
Infuriated by the multiple discrimination and exclusion she suffered, Nia Vardalos, after, as she said with a laugh, "I bombarded the manager with whatever swear words and curses came to mind as I drove to her office in Los Angeles."
She decided to turn her what was called "handicap" into a weapon and recorded all the peculiarities of her Greek family, all the traits that would seem foreign to American and international audiences.
And this is how the script of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" was born, in its first form as a theatre production.
Vardalos went in it alone, daring something that would possibly ruin her. She rented a theatre and staged the play at her own expense.
Fortunately for her, the idea of ​​"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" excited Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks, who encouraged her to adapt it for the cinema.
And that's how the incredibly successful story of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" was born.
And now, it's time for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3!
The trailer for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 is out and it certainly makes us excited to see the entire film!
The trailer starts with Toula Portokalos, played by Nia Vardalos, returning to Greece after her father's death.
See the trailer: