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Locks under lockdown: The lessons to be learned from DIY haircuts

Here a bit of gel, there a hairclip - unless you have abandoned all efforts at this point, early morning hair styling sessions are a fearsome business for many nowadays.

Locks under lockdown: The lessons to be learned from DIY haircuts ...

The upside is that while many countries are undecided about the future, there is light at the end of the tunnel for some, as Germany and Denmark set dates for hairdressers to reopen.

It is still unclear for many other places, however, including the UK and the US, where those living under lockdown are just going to have to stick it out a little longer - or reach for the scissors and give it a whirl.

There are many who are doing it for themselves, figuring how hard can it be? Be warned, and perhaps first take a cautionary glance at the pictures posted under the hashtag #coronahaircuts. What's trending these days are radical buzzcuts or painful pudding basin hairdos.

"Don't cut your husband's hair," says one user on Twitter. "Never mind if he begs. Nothing good will come of it." A mother echoes this sentiment, saying, "please learn from my mistakes and don't try to cut your child's hair."

Sure, it might have worked for actor Bruce Willis who posted a video on Istagram of him shaving his daughter's head. Likewise football star Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham are rocking their extra-short home hair cuts.

The sufferers out there include Germany's Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, who says shaving his head didn't go particularly well. Pink, too, looks a little unhappy in her Instagram video after getting drunk and cutting her hair herself.

Then there are those who are playing the long game, and you can spot them by their crooked fringes or funky colouring. "People suffered from these even before hairdressers had to close," says Jan Kopatz, who heads the guild of Berlin's hairdressers. "I'd say wait it out because mostly, fixing it makes it even worse."

Hairdressers are already bracing themselves to carry out such much needed repair work. "We are ready," says Kopatz.

In Germany, hairdressers are readying to reopen and are facing storms of people seeking appointments. Treatwell, an online booking portal, said there had been a 1,000-per-cent increase in demand. The numbers jumped immediately as soon as it was announced that hairdressers could reopen, a company spokeswoman said.

Hairdressers will already be busy handling all the appointments of people whose initial appointments were cancelled for the lockdown, so it may take a while before everyone is looking as trim as they might like to.

However, there are many around the world where hairdressers are still shut. Some simply cannot wait, as skyrocketing Google searches show for phrases such as "cut hair yourself." They would be well advised to take a few tips from the pros.

Udo Walz, a star hairdresser, suggests using eye shadow, for example, or hair powder for those whose grey roots are showing.

For people with long hair, he says, "to avoid cutting too much off, give yourself a central parting all the way back to your neck, comb your hair over your head and cut up to your chin." That will give you a stylish page-boy cut, Walz says.

He emphasizes that the scissors you use are critical. Don't take your paper scissors. "You need to buy proper scissors," he says, or even a hair trimmer.

If you lack the right tools, no problem. "Hair grows a centimetre each month so if your haircut is two centimetres too long, that is not going to entirely ruin your look," Kopatz says.

And, he says, if you look on the bright side, it's also like growing your hair ready for a whole new style.