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The view of nudism in ancient Greece - And the best nudist beaches in Aegean

No doubt most of us find it difficult to take off our swimsuits and lie down on the beach. However, there are many beautiful nudist beaches in Greece, which put our country first in the preferences of those who adopt this practice and way of life.

In ancient Greece, nudism was widespread. Students did all physical exercises naked and athletes competed naked at the Olympic Games.

It is known worldwide that the Spartans fought naked.

Naked pankration wrestlers on a ceramic kylix, ca. 480 BC. London, British Museum

Naked pankration wrestlers on a ceramic kylix, ca. 480 BC. London, British Museum


Nudism began to become a taboo with the religions that emerged later and changed people's views on the subject.

Greek hotels and nudism


It is not common knowledge that there are hotels in Greece that are for nudists only, who of course move around without clothes in the pools and private beaches of these luxury accommodations.

Most of them are located in Rhodes and Crete and are among the best in Europe.

So we will see the most beautiful beaches for those who like to swim naked or otherwise, the beaches that you should avoid if you feel disturbed by nudism.


The most beautiful nudist beaches in Greece

On most of the nudist beaches that we will see, you could enjoy the freedom of swimming in the sea half-naked or completely naked.


Kokkini-Ammos - Crete

Crete is one of the most famous nudist islands in the world, and this is due to the famous Matala, but also to the excellent nudist hotels that exist on this large island.

Camping beach - Antiparos2.png

Kokkini Ammos is located 68 km southwest of Heraklion, only 800 meters south of Matala, and its windless beaches are suitable for swimming without a bathing suit.

The beach is one of the six best nudist beaches in the world and is famous for its wild beauty and turquoise water.


It is also well known on foreign TV stations, which describe it as a nudist beach that only the adventurous can explore, as it is accessible via a steep path that crosses the hill that separates Matala from Kokkini Ammos 

Camping beach - Antiparos

Those of you who have visited Antiparos may have taken a bath on the beautiful beach of the campsite.

The beach is in an isolated location. It is a sandy beach with crystal clear water, which also contains pebbles.

It's only ten minutes from the port of Antiparos, near the island's organized campsite where you can find delicious local mizithropita.


Lageri - Paros

Lageri is located at the northeast end of the bay of Naoussa and is undoubtedly a diamond. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Cyclades.

It is known for its soft and fine sand, the impressive dunes where we encounter tufted cedars and offers seclusion to lovers of unspoilt nature.

It is the ultimate paradise for nudists and couples.

Access is possible by boat from Naoussa.

Kalamies - Paros

Kalamies - Paros.png

It is one of the quietest and most beautiful nudist beaches and is preferred every year by the same nature lovers, Greeks and foreigners.

It is no exaggeration to say that those who visit it every summer almost know each other.

The small and "private" beach of Paros, with its crystal clear water with many reeds for natural shade, is located after the famous beach Kolimbithres of Paros, and just before we reach the other famous beach, the Monastery.

Livadi - Donoussa

Donoussa is the paradise of the free campers. So it has one of the most beautiful nudist beaches in the Cyclades.

Livadi is on the list of favorite destinations of nudists from all over the world. The beach has green water and in combination with the fine sand makes the landscape exotic.

Livadi is quite isolated and you will get there by boat. Otherwise, you could use your own means of transport, up to a point, because then a short walk along the path leading to the beach will be necessary.


Kedros - Donoussa

Kedros - Donoussa.png

The same applies, of course, to Kedros, which is one kilometer from Stavros. It is a beautiful little bay, where there is only nature with cedars, sand and crystal clear water.

Myrtiotissa - Corfu

Myrtiotissa - Corfu.png

Myrtiotissa was considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, by the foreign media, but also by the thousands of nudists who visited it too.

The place is secluded and safe, and this was one of the reasons why, since the 1960s, it is the only beach on the island of Corfu where nudism is officially tolerated.

Accessible by a steep path or by sea, it is located between the villages of Pelekas and Vatos on the west coast of the island, next to Glyfada beach and just a few meters from the monastery of the same name on the rock.

Nowadays, however, there is a worrying phenomenon related to the progressive shrinking of the beach, which is why the possibility of transporting tons of sand to restore it is being discussed.

The most famous nudist beaches

Apart from the remote, beautiful and unspoiled beaches, there are also nudist beaches in our country, which are more popular. Therefore, it would be a mistake not to mention them.

Mikri Banana - Skiathos

Mikri Banana - Skiathos.png

This area includes three bays in Skiathos, the most famous of which, Mikri Banana is the smallest bay and is considered by many to be the best and most famous nudist beach in Greece.


Access to the beach requires a 10-15 minute walk, but once you get there, you will see before you the paradise of nudists from all over the world.


Super Paradise - Mykonos


It is one of the few nudist beaches that can coexist harmoniously with those who do not part with their swimsuits, with those who swim in the sea only with their sunscreen on.

Paragka - Mykonos


Paraga is also one of the most famous beaches of Mykonos. However, it has a secret that is difficult to know if you have never visited the Island of the Winds.

The beautiful beach is divided into two parts, the main part is visited by families with their children and only the remote part on the right side is a nudist meeting point.


Faliraki - Rhodes


Faliraki of Rhodes is known by the thousands of British who visit the island in summer, but also by the nudist beach, which has an official sign.

The peculiarity of the beach is that it is very well organized and offers all the amenities such as sun beds, umbrellas, canteen and everything that an organized beach can have.

To sum up, there are nudist beaches all over the country, which are among the most unspoiled, as they are remote and these beaches of Greece are undoubtedly only suitable for not shy people. However, they are also an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy the crystal clear water of the beautiful Greek sea even without a bathing suit.

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