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Coronaviruses not transmissible to people through foods or food packaging, Greece's Food Authority chief says

SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus, is not transmissible via foods, President of the Hellenic Food Authority (EFET) Αntonios Ζambelas said on Wednesday while responding to questions by TÜV Hellas, the certification and inspection body.

Safety measures are in place to reduce the risk of person to person transmission, not of food to person transmission. To date, he explained, there is no data that shows respiratory-disease viruses being transmitted through food or food packaging. Coronaviruses cannot multiply in food, they need an animal or a human host to multiply, Zambelas added.
At the same time, he stressed that food production in the EU is already governed by strict hygiene rules, the implementation of which is mandatory for all food businesses, with the process subject to scrutiny by regulatory authorities.