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Limani: The Greek restaurants that advertise Greece in America

Limani: The Greek restaurants that advertise Greece in America

And suddenly America is full of… Ports. Not at sea but on land. These are Greek restaurants of high standards and requirements "Port" that advertise and promote Greek and Cypriot cuisine and consequently the countries.

Written by: Spiridoula Irida Spanea

How would you feel if you traveled from the USA by… vehicle to the coasts of Greece and Cyprus? What would it be like to be in a beautifully decorated space where all your senses will be satisfied? These questions are answered by Limani restaurants. The rapidly growing catering group in which Greek entrepreneurs offer their customers exquisite flavors based on or inspired by Greek - Cypriot cuisine.

The head chef of the chain is an internationally renowned chef, Nikos Poulmentis. Originally from Kythira, Mr. Poulmentis develops Greek cuisine and through it he advertises Greece. "These are restaurants that specialize in fish. "Limani is one of the largest up-and-coming groups in America", Nikos Poulmentis told us.

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One of the nicest restaurants in the group is located at Rockfeller Center. The main decoration element is white marble, a material associated with Greek culture, and an infinity pool in the center, the "Limani N.Y.C." impresses the visitor from the moment of arrival. Then, the customer will be full into flavors and aromas that will take him to the seas of his dreams. Greek cheeses, clams cooked in different ways, salads with organic vegetables and, of course, fish.

Meat eaters can try ribs and chicken breast with Greek herbs. His lunch or dinner can be accompanied by Greek and not only wines or some distillate. The list of cocktails is also long, while in the sweets the walnut pie stands out.


The first "Limani" restaurant opened in 2008 in Roslyn (Long Island). This was followed in 2014 at the Rockefeller Center. There is also the "Meze Port" in Roslin, where customers have the opportunity to learn about the philosophy of Greek delicacies. And there are seafood and meat, such as meatballs, sausages, etc. Soon will open the "Limani Grille", which will be one of the most beautiful of the group with emphasis, of course, on Greek cuisine. The businessmen plan to open two more restaurants in 2022, one in Boston and one in North Carolina.

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