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Oinorama: The largest wine exhibition celebrates its 30 years with over 2,500 Greek and foreign wines

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The largest wine exhibition in Greece is coming with the most exquisite wines of the country, but also some "gems" from abroad.

HDN Newsroom

In Greece wine is not just a drink, it is a living tradition. From antiquity, when wine played a central role in everyday life, religious practices and social gatherings, until today, Greece continues to produce wines that express the beauty and complexity of its natural environment and reflect its rich geographical and climatic diversity. Hundreds of indigenous and international grape varieties are cultivated on its territory, from which a huge variety of wines emerges. From aromatic and refreshing whites, among them of the coastal areas, to the most concentrated and corpulent reds. e.g. mainland Greece, with distinctions worldwide.

For decades, Oinorama * has given us the opportunity to explore up close the extensive palette of Greek wines, in the latest vintage, fresh or aged, through classic and beloved labels but also with new releases of the most established wine producers, even very young or new. As the largest wine exhibition in the country since 1994, Oenorama celebrates its thirty years of operation this year, bringing together over 250 wine producers and more than 2,500 labels, in a three-day event that will fill one of the most beautiful buildings in Athens, the Zappeion Megaron, with enchanting aromas and flavors. Through three decades of uninterrupted contribution to the wine industry, Oenorama has established itself as a crucial catalyst for the promotion and promotion of Greek wines, inviting visitors – whether just wine lovers or professional tasters and buyers – to taste, learn and appreciate the rich range of Greek labels.

So, on March 2, 3 & 4, we will have the opportunity to discover wines that represent almost all the Protected Designations of Origin of Greece, up to rare and hard-to-find wines of limited production. The exhibition will also feature wines from forgotten or obscure indigenous varieties, as well as wines from organic and even biodynamic grapes. At the same time, wines that adopt innovative to unconventional oenological approaches will be presented, some of which will also be gathered in the "Wine Bar" of the "Wine Revelations" hall. That is, in the room with the emerging or small wineries, offering a charming picture of the modern winemaking landscape of Greece.

This year, for the first time so extensively, apart from Greek winemakers from every corner of the country, Oenorama will also host 18 excellent winemakers from Cyprus, as well as 5 top winemakers from Lebanon. Each winemaker will be there with his partners, offering all together generously answers to every question of visitors, revealing the secrets behind each sip.

For three days, the entire Greek vineyard will "bloom" in the heart of Athens, inviting us to taste some of the most special wines of the country, as well as hundreds of foreign wines of the Greek and not only market. In Oenorama they say that "wine is everywhere and always in Oenorama" and the reason is that every year it undertakes to unite the crème de la crème of wine in Greece in a single space, setting up a great celebration that floods the senses with aromas and flavors and turns every sip into a journey to the most hidden corners of the Greek land.

Oinoroma: 2, 3 & 4 March, Zappeion Megaron, Athens