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Why the ancient Greeks never ate on their own?

According to the book “In the kitchens of the ancients” by Maria Thermou, it was unthinkable for the ancient Greeks to eat on their own. 

“Eating alone does not mean that he eats, but that he has simply filled his stomach, like animals do”, emphatically states Plutarch. 

The symposium (banquet), which was a very important part of people's lives, was much more than just a meal. Philosophical -and not only- discussions, spiritual games, music, theater, dances, as well as courtship were all included in the program of the symposium. 

Apart from that, the meaning of the word “symposium” itself (syn + pinein / συν + πίνειν) is the gathering of people who drink together. A ritual, one might say, in which friendship, partnership and alliances were forged. A predominantly male custom.

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