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Booster shots protect against Omicron


Experts say that taking a booster shot against the coronavirus will be crucial in protecting from the Omicron variant.


“The effectiveness of the vaccines against the Omicron is insufficient with two doses, while a third dose provides immediate protection, although we do not yet know for how long,” said Maria Theodoridou, president of the National Vaccinations Commission, referring to studies done abroad.

Marios Themistokleous, General Secretary for Primary Care at the Health Ministry, said that 5,782,000 residents are eleigible for a booster shot. Of those, 3,610,000 (62%) have already taken, while another 1 million (17%) have booked an appointment.


Overall, more than 17.6 million vaccinations have been administered, Themistokleous said. About 7,485,000 resident or 71.3% of Greece’s population of 10.5 million (81.1% of the adult population) have been vaccinated at least once. A total of 7,070,000 – 67.3% of the total population and 76.8% of the adult population – have completed their initial vaccination schedule, with some having taken Johnson & Johnson’s single shot vaccine.