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Will Cloud Cover Ruin Great Christmas Star Viewing?

Jupiter and Saturn will appear together in the night sky this week. Here are your odds of getting a good view.

Look to the sky tonight for an early Christmas present the 2 giants of our solar system will be so close they'll appear as 1 bright star Jupiter and Saturn form is great can junction about every 20 years but 10 night show will be special. The 2 planets will be closer than they've been since the Middle Ages and they won't be this close again until 2080, so you don't want to miss it.

After sunset tonight look to the southwest the brightest star in the sky that will be. They can junction now your local weather is going to be a big factor because the more obstruction with clouds the harder time you're going to have seen this spectacular site. Where it's looking like we're going to have the best viewing tonight will be along the southwest. The Rockies through the middle part of the country now for parts of the upper Great Lakes in the northeast. Take a look at all that cloud cover still worth checking it out but you may have some obstruction also down to the south clouds may get in your way.

Visible just after sunset until the worlds MICHAEL JÄGER/@KOMET123JAGER OF TWITTER