Monday, July 22 2024

The first woman in Greece gave birth after ovarian tissue transplantation

koka pantos

Mrs. Irene Koka, the first woman in Greece to give birth after ovarian tissue transplantation, with her gynecologist Dr. Konstantinos Pantos

39-year-old Irene Koka is the first woman in Greece to give birth after an ovarian tissue transplant as 16 years ago she was diagnosed with hematological cancer, Hodgkins lymphoma, for which she underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

HDN Newsroom

Mrs. Coca gave birth, on Saturday, June 8, 2024, at 19:23, a healthy baby boy weighing 3,020 grams. by cesarean section.

This is a woman who 16 years ago was diagnosed with blood cancer, Hodgkins lymphoma, for which she underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

In 2013, this particular hematological cancer reappeared, only this time, before proceeding with the prescribed therapeutic protocols to fight cancer, she planned to resort to ovarian tissue cryopreservation in order to protect and preserve her fertility.

In 2021 and after her recovery, she returned for the transplantation of her cryopreserved ovarian cortex, in her no longer functional ovaries, in order to restore her fertility.

The top medical event, in terms of surgery, was held at GENESIS ATHENS Clinic by specialized doctors and clinical embryologists of the clinic, along with the honorary and substantial presence of a team of specialized doctors from the University Hospital of Norway (Oslo University Hospital), headed by Professor and Director of the Department of Reproductive Medicine Peter Zoltan Fedorcsak and the Greek Clinical Embryologist,  Director of the IVF Laboratory Maria Biba.

Another innovation of this great effort was that it was broadcast live online from the operating room of the GENESIS ATHENS Clinic in 13 public hospitals in the country in order for other Greek doctors to follow the whole process.

After 1.5 years of ovarian reopening and having collected eggs fertilized with her husband's sperm, Ms. Koka performed an embryo transfer of two embryos at the blastocyst stage on October 5, 2023.

Her doctor and Secretary General of the Hellenic Society of Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Konstantinos Pantos, stated: "GENESIS ATHENS  Clinic is once again at the center of scientific data internationally. For the first time in Greek history, pregnancy and birth of a healthy child were achieved after ovarian tissue transplantation. Science now enables us to overcome more and more obstacles. With this method, 210 children have been born internationally, after the 1st child in the world in 2004, with a birth rate of 21%, with similar pregnancy rates, both from natural conception and after IVF. Pregnancies have been reported in some European countries such as Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, England, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, Italy and a few clinics in the USA. China saw the first birth of a child in 2021."

Mrs. Irene Kokka said she was very happy as her biggest dream, to become a mom, came true.

"My biggest dream came true. I fought and managed, with the help of Mr. Pantou's team, to win the greatest gift of my life, my little boy. I would like to tell all women who are going through something similar to my case that it is worth trying."