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Thanksgiving as we know it in America originates from the first Pilgrims who settled into Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620 and celebrated with a feast of Thanksgiving to honor the successful autumn harvest of the Mayflower passengers (Pilgrims). However, the autumn harvest was celebrated well before the pilgrims and has its roots in ancient Greece. In fact, the Pilgrims were actually following a tradition that was copied from place to place throughout history and has started in Ancient Greece!

lord byron
2024 marks the 200th anniversary of the death of the great romantic poet Lord Byron, who sacrificed his life in the Struggle for the independence of Greece. The Society for Hellenism and Philhellenism (SHP) and the Philhellenism Museum declare 2024 as the “YEAR OF LORD BYRON AND PHILHELLENISM” with the aim of highlighting and honoring, through a series of actions, the great British Philhellene and the contribution of Philhellenism internationally, as well as institutionalizing lasting Philhellenism as the set of values on which Western civilization is based.