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Ancient Greece


Important new information about the commercial activity of the ancient world in the Mediterranean Sea came to light from an underwater archaeological discovery made in the Otranto Canal, Italy. According to the dating of the numerous ceramic utensils that were retrieved from the wreck of a Corinthian ship, it appears that the trade relations between Greece and Italy in antiquity began earlier than believed.


Europe is derived from the Greek word/name Εὐρώπη (Eurṓpē) with εὐρύς, eurýs, meaning wide or broad and ὄψ, óps, meaning sight or face. The Phoenecian princess Εὐρώπη (Eurṓpē) who was “taken” by Zeus in the disguise of a bull and the name can be rendered as the “far-sighted” or “wide-gazing”. (credit Klaus Hauptfleisch)