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New monument in Crotone, Southern Italy dedicated to the city’s Ancient Greek roots


The southern Italian city of Crotone in Calabria honoured its Ancient Greek roots by dedicating a new monument to their ancestors.

The city was founded in 710 BC as Kroton (Κρότων), a colony of Greeks from Achaean.

The monument, placed on the demand of locals, activists and volunteers reconnecting with their Greek identity, was kindly funded by the Municipality of Crotone.

The monument was placed on the seafront of Poggioreale Street.

As local media Il Crotonese wrote, “this is an example of love for our land that rejoices us in such a difficult time for everyone.”

Meanwhile, Google launched Woolaroo, an open-source photo-translation platform powered by machine learning and image recognition, to help preserve Calabrian Greek and nine either endangered languages, including Louisiana Creole, Maori and Yiddish.