Tuesday, July 16 2024

Ocean atlas submerged statue with the greek name

This sculpture was created by Jason deCaires Taylor, who named it “Ocean Atlas”. It depicts a girl, who sits on the western coastline of Nassau in the Bahamas, at a depth of five meters and it is the largest underwater statue in the world.

The girl looks like she carries the weight of the ocean above her in reference to the Ancient Greek myth of the Titan Atlas, who holds up the celestial heavens. 


Just like the rest of Taylor's underwater sculptures, Ocean Atlas was also made of special cement and creates an artificial reef for marine life to colonise and inhabit.

1415662775.jpg EIzHdu6XsAUqwsH.jpg jason-decaires-taylor-Atlas-Yacht-sweet-escape-charter-dive-snorkle-activities-destinations-bahamas-luxury-eco-tourism.jpg kxht0djitvix51yiw0hw.png ocean-atlas-bahamas-underwater-sculpture-jason-decaires-taylor-1.jpg ocean-atlas-bahamas-underwater-sculpture-jason-decaires-taylor-2.jpg ocean-atlas-bahamas-underwater-sculpture-jason-decaires-taylor-3.jpg ocean-atlas-bahamas-underwater-sculpture-jason-decaires-taylor-4.jpg ocean-atlas-bahamas-underwater-sculpture-jason-decaires-taylor-6.jpg UD-SCULTURES-9.jpg

Ocean Atlas video: