Thursday, July 18 2024

The unknown ancient sunken city of Epidaurus


With a history spanning across centuries and a rich culture, Greece has countless offerings to all the visitors choosing to travel to the land of Zeus.

But in some cases, the explorers and travellers from afar might not be aware of the hidden nooks and crannies awaiting them.

Some of these secrets and historical sites are buried not under the ground but are submerged in the sea. Such is the ancient Greek city near Pavlopetri in Laconia, which we recently covered. However, few people know that there is another submerged “Atlantis”. It is the ancient sunken city of Epidaurus which is located just a few kilometres away from Athens.

The unknown ancient sunken city of Epidaurus

Arriving at Epidaurus,  famous for the Ancient Theatre with the amazing acoustics, less than two hours away from Athens, ask about the location of the ancient sunken city of Epidaurus.

This sunken city is just two metres below sea level and there you will see walls, foundations of buildings, amphorae of huge dimensions and paved sections sunken 1.5-2 meters below sea level, a few meters from the shore.

From a bird’s eye view, one can even see paved streets that were inhabited by the locals centuries ago. You can totally immerse yourself in the ambience and feel like an archaeologist as you swim over the area looking down in  the crystal clear waters.

Archaeologists and historical researchers propose that the area was possibly a trading post in the ancient times.

YouTube channel Haanity captured an impressive video allowing us to marvel at the sunken state from above. Or else the sunken “Atlantis” of Argolida as he calls it.