Thursday, July 25 2024

Crucial week for salaries in Cyprus

Crucial week for salaries in Cyprus

The Cypriot government intends to reach an agreement in principle by Friday on the introduction of the minimum wage, after the planned meetings between Labor Minister Kyriakos Kousios and employers and trade unions.

On Thursday, the minister will have separate meetings with each trade union and employer organization in the morning, while in the afternoon of the same day there will be joint meetings with all employer organizations and guilds.

At another meeting earlier this month, the unions criticized the employers for completely changing the framework for setting the minimum salary in Cyprus. SEK, one of the trade unions, held a press conference where it outlined the content of the discussions the trade unions held with late minister Zeta Emilianidou in 2021.

Talks with Kousios have already led to a joint decision that the minimum wage agreement would be decided upon by this Friday. In that context, the minister made it clear that the limit of the minimum wage in Cyprus will not be below 924 euros. According to sources, there was information that the minimum wage would be set between €950-960 of gross earnings.