Friday, June 21 2024

Cyprus prices show no sign of letting up

Cyprus prices show no sign of letting up

The cost of basic consumer goods continues to rise in Cyprus, pushing the price of such modest products as the greenhouse cucumber – which was the largest increase recorded – 52.2% higher between June 8 and July 13, according to the data published on Friday by the country’s Consumer Protection Agency.

During the same period, large hikes were recorded in the prices of certain types of cooking oil by 16.8%, in sugar up to 13.8%, in fresh fish by 13.7%, in frozen food up to 10.8%, in canned goods which rose 8.6% and in baked goods that went up 8%, but also in bottled water (6.5%), yogurt (6.4%) and fresh milk 6.1%.

The average selling price for fresh milk on July 13 ranged from 1.49 to 2.85 euros per liter, showing an increase of up to 14 cents compared to June 8. Compared to the average price of rice/legumes, this ranged from €1.44 to €5.98, marking an increase of up to 37 cents.

Yogurt’s average price ranged from €1.87 to €4.26, an increase of up to 26 cents, while coffee averaged from €2.74 to €7, an increase of up to 13 cents, and in some cases as much as 33 cents. Flour, sugar and eggs ranged from €1.08 to €2.60, up 13 cents.