Saturday, June 15 2024

Cyprus sees drop in fuel sales

Cyprus sees drop in fuel sales

Cyprus’ Statistical Service (CyStat) reported a total decrease of 6.8% in the sale of oil products in June, falling to 55,061 tons.

Total sales of gasoline for June were down 5.9%, while diesel sales were down 10.4%. Large decreases were also observed in asphalt sales, which recorded a 49.8% drop in June, and heavy fuel oil sales, which fell 10.8%.

However, according to the data, total sales of petroleum products in June increased by 14.5% compared to June 2021, reaching 126,041 tons. This was mainly thanks to aircraft and marine oil supplies, which expanded by 143.1% and 20.4% respectively, as well as sales of kerosene, light fuel oil and heating oil, with increases of 175.6%, 28.2% and 22%.

Total sales of petroleum products in June compared to May 2022 increased by 4.2%. Indicatively, oil supplies to airplanes increased by 13.8%, sales of diesel by 1.8% and gasoline by 1.6%. Total oil inventories at the end of June 2022 grew by 1.3% compared to the end of the previous month. In addition, in the January-June period, total sales of petroleum products increased by 22.4% from last year, on the jet fuel rise of 236.3%.