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210 kilos of cocaine found in a container with shrimps in container at Piraeus port

cocaine pireaus

Narcotics police officers in Greece found a large quantity of cocaine in the port of Piraeus that was destined for Albania, hidden in a container with frozen shrimp bound for Albania.

HDN Newsroom

So far, four arrests have been made and illegal profits are estimated at over EUR 5 million. euro.

The 48-year-old gang leader had a pending 20-year prison sentence.

The container reportedly originated in a Latin American country, and after its arrival in Albania it would be shipped to European countries.

"The transport was done by sea and was hidden in containers for further import and distribution to European countries, including our country," said police, who arrested four people.

According to the Hellenic Police, the operational structure and professional infrastructure they had was ascertained, which ensured their uninterrupted criminal activity over time, from which they obtained exorbitant illegal revenues exceeding 5,000,000 euros.

"At the same time, the role of each of the members of the organization was ascertained as follows:

48-year-old, had undertaken the direction and direction of the criminal organization, namely the discovery of quantities of drugs under trafficking, the financing of the purchase and transportation, the organization of the shipment of drugs from Latin America, as well as the concealment of drugs in containers heading to the country and their further trafficking, 36-year-old, had undertaken the search and recruitment of other members, A 64-year-old man was communicating with other members of the organization based abroad to coordinate the supply and financing of the quantities to be trafficked and
 a 54-year-old man was in charge of the 48-year-old's operational coverage and protection, taking appropriate measures to avoid arrest."

The 48-year-old was facing a 20-year prison sentence and a fine, as in 2017 he was charged with running a laboratory for the production of synthetic narcotic tablets, where more than 634,000 Captagon tablets, the drug allegedly given to members of the Jihad so that they could commit the crimes they commit, had been found and confiscated.