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44-year-old man arrested for the murder in Psychico - How ELAS came to his tracks

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Rapid developments have been taking place in recent hours in the case of the murder of 54-year-old topographer Panagiotis Stathis, which took place last Tuesday morning (July 2nd) in Neo Psychiko, as a key suspect was brought in after analyzing the 54-year-old's cell phone. As it turns out, he is a 44-year-old man of Greek origin, known to the Greek authorities, who in the past participated in the kidnapping of a well-known Greek shipowner, while in 2009 he was sentenced to life in prison but the sentence was then reduced to 15 years, meaning that the man detained was released from prison this year.

Alina Loi

The main suspect in the murder of 54-year-old topographer Panagiotis Stathis in Psychico seems to be in the hands of the police authorities, while they continue to investigate to "tie up" the evidence of the case.

Immediately after his arrest at the GADA, a search followed at his home as well as at the house of his girlfriend in Zografou, where he allegedly went immediately after the murder.

The 44-year-old is being questioned as a suspect in the cold-blooded murder of the surveyor, while his partner is being questioned about whether she is involved in the case and/or whether she knows any facts about the case.

An important element in the arrest of the main suspect was the video footage collected by the police authorities.

Analyzing it, they found that the executioner, after the murder, arrived with the black scooter in the area of Zografou, parked in a parking lot of an apartment building and boarded his own motorcycle.

Authorities also appear to have another clue about the shooter — and that's his body type, captured in a video from the scene of the murder, where the shooter can be seen getting off his bike in order to pick up a billboard he accidentally dropped.

According to information provided by ANA-MPA from police sources, this move gave important information about the perpetrator, as he "betrayed" his body type.

According to the latest information reported by ERT, police officers located the scooter of the murder and the suspect's motorcycle. According to police sources, both the 44-year-old's home and his partner's home were searched in an attempt to locate the clothes, footwear and helmet he was wearing on the day of the crime – which, however, have not yet been found.

Also, both the mobile phones of the two detainees and the electronic devices found in the suspect's house have been confiscated, in order to see if he had contacts with persons from Mykonos or incarcerated in prisons. In addition, a waiver of confidentiality is expected to be requested in order to investigate the position emitted by the mobile phone of the main suspect during the critical hours during the murder of the 54-year-old surveyor in Psychico.

With the evidence in their hands and what they are expected to gather, authorities believe that the 44-year-old's arrest will turn into an arrest. He denies involvement in the case.

As it has become known, the suspect was physically present in the kidnapping of shipowner Pericles Panagopoulos, while he allegedly has relations with a Greek heavyweight. He was initially sentenced to life imprisonment for the kidnapping, but his sentence was eventually reduced to 15 years. At the same time, he was previously involved in robberies in provincial towns, beatings and extortion of shopkeepers.

However, the 44-year-old, who was brought to the GADA along with his partner from the area of Zografou, denies involvement in the murder of 54-year-old Panagiotis Stathis and reportedly remained silent during his long interrogation by the Hellenic Police. who interrogated him all night.

It is noted that the operation to locate and detain him took place at about 20:00 pm (Greek time) on Friday (July 6th) and he was allegedly caught with "suitcase in hand", as he was preparing to leave with his partner either for a trip or to escape possible arrest.