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64 new wildfires across Greece in the last 24 hours - Stormy winds and state of emergency

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A difficult day dawned today for Greece and the country's Fire Brigade as strong winds favor fires and the danger of new fires throughout the country. The fire that broke out a while ago in Saronida, in the southeastern suburbs of Attica, and the fire in Achaia are difficult.

Alina Loi

Attica is on red alert at level 5 and 4 other areas in central and southern on orange and level 4.

In Argolida, flames passed through a village, while houses were damaged and two fires are ongoing in rural areas of Thebes. The fires, which broke out minutes apart, are burning dry grass, but if they spread, there is a risk to businesses and factories operating at the site.

A fire also occurred in Kranidi, Argolida. A message has already been sent by "112" to evacuate the area to Porto Heli and Ermioni.

Six fire trucks, a hiking department of EMODE and a hiking department from Argolida, attempt to extinguish the fire, while local government machinery and a helicopter are assisting in their work. It should be noted that particularly strong winds blow in the area, as in the majority of Greece.

The spokesman of the Fire Brigade, Vasilis Vathrakogiannis, said that in the last few hours alone, 45 fires broke out, 11 emergency messages were sent (112), while 64 fires occurred in the country in the last twenty-four hours.

The task of extinguishing is made difficult by strong winds blowing at speeds of up to 95 kilometers per hour.

In Attica, thanks to the timely intervention of the Fire Brigade, the fire in Mavro Lithari, Saronida, was immediately contained.

55 firefighters with 16 vehicles with 2 hiking units and 3 helicopters are currently operating at the scene to extinguish the fire before it spreads further.

A little earlier, a new fire front broke out in Keratea, with fire brigades fighting to extinguish it. For now, 35 firefighters with 10 vehicles and a team of department hikers have rushed to the area and are operating.

A fire front also broke out in Achaia as a large fire broke out in the area of Mastrantoni.

According to information from the Fire Brigade, 56 firefighters, two hiking departments and 17 vehicles are operating in the area.

Due to the danger, a 112 warning message sounded for local residents, who are asked to remain vigilant.

According to the Fire Brigade, a fire also broke out in Megalopolis, Arcadia, where 30 firefighters with 9 vehicles, two aircraft and a helicopter are currently operating.

A large fire front also in Lyrkeia, Argolida. The fire brigades are also battling the flames in Lyrkia, Argolida, after a fire that broke out in the area.

To extinguish it, 40 firefighters with 2 teams of hiking departments, 10 vehicles and from the air 3 helicopters and 1 aircraft are operating, while volunteers and water trucks are also assisting.

The Fire Brigade in Attica is on alert, as there is an extreme risk of fire, hazard category 5.

In fact, according to the latest weather forecasts of the / National Observatory of Athens, strengthened northern winds of intensity up to 6-7 Beaufort are expected in Attica and in places to exceed 60 to 70 km / h while locally they are expected to reach 80 to 90 km / h.