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8 out of 10 youngsters have seen other children’s rights violated in Greece

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An alarming 82% of teenagers and young people say that they have witnessed the violation of another child’s rights, while only a small number of youngsters are sufficiently informed about their rights, according to a poll conducted for UNICEF Greece.


Based on the survey, conducted through the organisation’s “U-Report Greece” platform, 71% or the respondents said they were present at a violation of a child’s rights but did not react, either because they were afraid or because they did not know what to do, while only 11% were present and reacted by informing a responsible adult. Another 18% of participants said they had never witnessed any violation.

When asked if they know how to react if their rights are violated, 67% of the youngsters answered that they have to talk to a competent body or authority, 28% said they will talk to their parents and 5% to their teachers.

Asked if they are aware of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, which was passed into law in Greece 30 years ago, 31% of respondents said that they know it, 34% responded negatively and 35% said they have heard something, but would like to know more. Another 46% stated that they know some of the rights contained in the Convention, but not all, 12% believe they know all of them, while 25% said that they do not know them and 16% that they are unsure.

A total of 384 teenagers and young people, aged 14-34, from all over Greece participated in the poll, with 65% of the participants aged 15- 19 years old. The full report will be presented by UNICEF on December 13, at the Cultural Center of the municipality of Athens.