Thursday, May 23 2024

A large part of Greeks agree with the establishment of a University police, according to a Marc poll for Thema


The majority of Greeks are in favour of the establishment of the on-campus University police force, according to the findings in a nationwide poll conducted by pollsters Marc on behalf of Thema newspaper.


According to the survey, the Greek society appears ready for radical changes on the part of the government for the modernisation of the way tertiary institutions operate.

Even SYRIZA voters seem to support the improvement of the conditions in universities, including upgrading the level of security in Greek tertiary institutions.

A sizable part of the respondents (over 60%) believes it is time to scrap a practice known as ‘eternal students’ whereby pupils admitted to universities could defer studies for an unlimited period of time while retaining the status of “university student’ and its benefits.

The respondents agree (probably and completely) at a rate of 63.1% with the possibility of establishing a minimum base for admission to universities. An impressive finding is that this reform is endorsed at the highest rate (64.2%) by people aged 17-44, as well as those who are already studying in a cycle (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, postdoctoral) of Higher Education, overwhelmingly in favor of the import base, ie 76.5%.