Wednesday, June 19 2024

Ai Stratis to become the first green island in Greece

Ai Stratis to become the first green island in Greece

The small island of Ai Stratis, with just over 200 inhabitants, is expected to become the first island in Greece to be powered exclusively by electric and thermal energy from renewables.

The small hybrid project in progress on Ai Stratis, a remote Greek island of the northern Aegean, will act as a guide for larger projects.

The plan calls for the small Public Power Corporation (PPC) power plant on the island, which runs on expensive diesel, to fully shut down its operation and for the island to make a transition to full energy autonomy.

The Environment and Energy Ministry granted a unified licence to the municipality of Ai Stratis to install a hybrid power plant for the production of electicity using wind and solar and for the storage of electricity with the use of accumulators. Additionally, the licence foresees that installation of a station for the production of thermal energy as well as a network for the distribution and supply of the thermal energy.