Saturday, June 15 2024

Air taxis to come to Greece by 2026

Air taxis to come to Greece by 2026

Orama Ventures announced on Wednesday that a group of leading global players in the aviation, tourism and hospitality, construction and investment sectors has formed a consortium to develop the required infrastructure for the entry and operation of eVTOL (Electric, Vertical Take Off and Landing) in Greece, until 2026.

EVTOLs are aircraft with electric propulsion systems, capable of vertical take-off and landing, without requiring the existence of a runway. They can transport up to six passengers with zero emissions and minimal noise levels, and at a cost per kilometer completely comparable to that of a conventional taxi.

The eVTOLs will be served by vertical take-off and landing terminals, called Vertiports. They are designed to be located in urban centers, either in available open spaces or on suitably configured building rooftops. They are also ideal for regional destinations, mainland and island territory.

While consultations with various government agencies and potential partners from related sectors of activity in Greece are set to continue throughout 2022, Orama intends to proceed with the acquisition of the required properties and the licensing procedures for the construction of the first Vertiports in 2023.

Florida-based Orama Ventures LLC is the investment arm of O Lifestyle International that is based in Luxembourg. Greek construction firm Aktor has been selected as its first local partner.