Friday, June 21 2024

Airport, hospitals brace for possible coronavirus cases

As the Greek government steps up preparations for the possible arrival in the country of a new coronavirus called 2019-nCoV, health workers are using infrared thermometers at Athens International Airport to check the temperature of travelers from China and other destinations, as fever is a sign of infection.

Authorities are also distributing leaflets at the airport with information about Greek health services for Chinese visitors while the same details are on display on posters at AIA’s arrivals and departures areas.

Meanwhile the capital’s Attikon Hospital on Wednesday conducted a simulation of a response to a case of the coronavirus which, experts have said, could reach Greece within the next three weeks. Other Greek hospitals are conducting similar drills. 

On Monday, Greek authorities said they would hire scores of additional medical staff to reinforce medical laboratories, state hospitals and entry points to the country to respond to a possible outbreak of the virus.