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American analyst envisions Israeli model for Greece

American analyst envisions Israeli model for Greece

Greece must ensure its military advantage against Turkey’s numerical superiority based on the quality of its armaments, according to a recommendation to the US government by American Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Michael Rubin.

In an interview, Rubin said Greece and Cyprus should enter into a pact emulating the strategic course taken by the US for Israel since the 60s based on a qualitative military edge.

He said the US Congress should not align with US President Joe Biden’s promise to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, stressing that if the Turkish F-16s upgrade goes ahead then it should be accompanied with the supply of F-35s to Greece along with enhanced anti-aircraft systems.

Ankara, he said, is more likely to use them against Greece, Cyprus, Armenia, Syria or the Iraqi Kurds. He said the best way for Erdogan to boost readiness would be to release his pilots from prison.