Saturday, June 15 2024

American-Hellenic Chamber honors Geoffrey Pyatt

American-Hellenic Chamber honors Geoffrey Pyatt

The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce honored outgoing US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt at a farewell reception held in Athens.

AmCham President Nikolaos Bakatselos pointed out that Greece-US relations reached their highest level during Pyatt’s six-year term in office in Athens. An official uniform of Greece’s national cycling team was also presented to Pyatt as a gift during the event, along with a scroll recognizing his contribution.

“The Board of Directors expresses heartfelt appreciation to Ambassador Pyatt for his deep friendship, dynamic collaboration, and unwavering commitment and support in creating new economic and business ties between the United States and Greece and furthering the relationship between the two countries, which today is the strongest it has ever been,” it reads.

It was also noted that the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce forged “inseparable ties” with the American diplomat, which will continue during Pyatt’s new tole as US assistant secretary of state for energy resources.