Tuesday, July 16 2024

Anna Michelle Asimakopoulou out of ND's Eurolist after the uproar over the mass sending of emails to expatriate Greeks


According to reports, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis decided not to include Anna Michelle Asimakopoulou - one of the strongest "cards" of New Democracy party - in the ballot paper for the upcoming European elections, following the case with mass emails sent to expatriate Greeks.

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It is recalled that in his last interview with SKAI TV, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, referring to the issue, had said that "the case must be investigated by both the judiciary and the Ministry of Interior. The government is conducting its own investigation," leaving open any possibility.

Expatriates – some even taking legal action – seem convinced that the lists were handed over by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in explicit violation of GDPR.

Internal audit is carried out at the Ministry of Interior

"She (Anna Michelle Asimakopoulou) has given her answers about where she found these emails, that's what she wanted," Kerameus said, recalling that since 4/3 an investigation has been launched by the Personal Data Protection Authority on mass emails to expatriate Greeks

"The interior ministry does not give citizens' contact details, emails and phone numbers, the legislation explicitly says so," the minister clarified, saying once again that Asimakopoulou said she did not receive a relevant list from the interior ministry.

"We decided to give a directive for an internal audit to the interior ministry to confirm the adequacy of the security of the procedures, for the 2023 electoral rolls," Kerameus added.

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Michalis Stavrianoudakis was led to resign over the case of mass emails to expatriate Greeks. At the same time, the Secretary of Expatriates of New Democracy, Nikos Theodoropoulos, was dismissed.

According to information from the government's side, when the allegations about mass mails by ND MEP Anna Michelle Asimakopoulou came to light, an investigation was launched alongside those of the Personal Data Protection Authority and the Ministry of Interior, as Kyriakos Mitsotakis said publicly in his last interview.

Eventually, according to government sources, the list (these were emails of some 2023 voters), Ms. Asimakopoulou acquired it from an associate of the general secretary of the interior ministry, Michalis Stavrianoudakis, through Nikos Theodoropoulos.

It is therefore argued that the leak in question is in no way related in time to the registration platform for postal voting, because Mr. Stavrianoudakis had this responsibility until June 2023.

Under these circumstances, as they were told by the government, the prime minister, always acting on his own values, wanted to close the issue without any discount and for this, Asimakopoulou facilitated and excluded herself from the European elections, while Stavrianoudakis resigned as secretary general, assuming the political responsibility of leaking personal data.

According to government sources, this development does not do justice to Asimakopoulou's general presence in the European Parliament as well as Stavrianoudakis' work in the Interior Department, but there are some things that can hardly be overcome.