Friday, June 21 2024

Anti-fascist protest planned against Golden Dawn cadres’ release appeal

 kasidiaris lagos
Anti-fascist protesters have organized a rally on Monday outside the Athens Court of Appeals, where judges are due to rule on a motion for the release of convicted Golden Dawn cadres Yiannis Lagos and Ilias Kasidiaris.
Sentiment is running particularly high about the possible release of Kasidiaris who plans to run in next year’s general election with his new party, Ellines (Greeks). 
His lawyer claims that he has served the required 10 years of his 13-year sentence after spending three and a half years in prison and working for credits during that time. 
Kasidiaris, Lagos and the rest of the leadership of the now-defunct Golden Dawn party were convicted in October 2020 for multiple crimes, including the 2013 murder of Pavlos Fyssas and for forming a criminal organization.