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Antonis Remos denies tax evasion allegations

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For a few days now, the Greek media have been inundated with the case of tax evasion accused of Antonis Remos by the Authority for MavrouMoney Laundering. The artist insists from the first moment that what has been illegally leaked to the media is not true. Today one of his lawyers, Mr. Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, whom we all know from the case of Eva Kaili that he successfully defended, presented a "bombshell" document which proves that the popular singer pays huge amounts of money for his monetary obligations.

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The performer's lawyers accused the audit authorities of leaking false information in connection with the €1.5 million tax evasion case and money laundering.

Antonis Remos did the same through a video he posted addressed to his thousands of fans, in which he assured them that his concerts will take place normally and also said that everything that has been heard about him in recent days is a lie.

It was then leaked to the media that there is a 20-page report by Mavrou the Anti-Money Laundering Authority, in which, among other things, it was written that the famous performer has not given a single euro to repay the debts of Iraklis FC, of which he was president, amounting to 13,000,000 euros.

However, this seems to be reversed today as Mr. Dimitrakopoulos's lawyer presented an official document of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) in which it appears that Antonis Remos not only pays but pays huge amounts as in 2021 he had given an amount amounting to approximately 1,240,000 euros!

The document, presented today by Mr. Dimitrakopoulos, certifies payment of Remus for Hercules' debts, he said, adding that it is an institutional blunder to leak the report to the media without them having received it in their hands.

A document of AADE on the tax evasion case of Antonis Remos, was presented by the singer's lawyer Michalis Dimitrakopoulos. The lawyer told SKAI that one lie that has been leaked is that Remus has not given a single euro for Hercules' debts, at a time when the latter had nothing to do with it. Thus, he showed for the first time a document from the Independent Authority for Public Revenue, which, as he said, shows the amount that the well-known singer has paid in 2021 and amounts to about 1,240,000.

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What Antonis Remos' lawyer, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos said today

"There is an official document from AADE, the other authority that fights black money comes and with a statement to the media, saying that we are the source, it tells barbaric lies against Mr. Antonis Remos that he has not given a single euro. So how can this citizen feel when the independent authorities inform us of new lies, which are proven by documents?"

Mr. Dimitrakopoulos underlined that "a preliminary examination is being carried out at this stage. There is no criminal prosecution. There is no category. So he was right to say it's controlled."

The well-known lawyer said that Mr. Remos "is a citizen and nothing more. Before the law we are all equal and it was right that the investigation was carried out, by the Anti-Property Authority, which is not legal and someone is trying to legalize it." He stressed that the well-known singer does not ask for special treatment and expresses some questions such as "how is it possible that the report of this authority is leaked to journalists and we have not received it in our hands?"

He also spoke of an institutional blunder, saying that "I am not afraid, frankly I am talking to you, to tell you what I believe. I am not a lawyer who hides. Beyond that, what I am saying is that there is evidence, there are newspapers, there are television stations that read the report of which Mr. Remos is accused. I don't know. Antonis Remos doesn't know it. My colleague, Stathis Bakalis, who has been handling the case for a long time on a tax level, does not know this. When we get the report and we will ask for the report officially on Monday from the prosecution, because there it has been transmitted, we will also make the defense public," he added, adding that they received only one order freezing all Antonis Remos' assets.

The lawyer stressed that "in order for there to be a criminal prosecution there must be strong evidence. And for a man to be condemned there must be certainty. Elementary rules in a rule of law", while wondering how it is possible for an authority that must preserve confidentiality, to give information about sensitive personal data.

Mr. Dimitrakopoulos stressed that "Antonis Remos welcomes the initiative taken by the independent authority, which combats money laundering. He does not want any special treatment. The complaints made through the lawyers are that there was a leak, that Remus has tax returns of 50,000 euros in the last five years."

As he explained, "this leak is what offended him as a human being, because from that moment on, the internet rightly butchers him. Because an artist of the calibre of Antonis Remus, if he declared 50,000 euros in five years, it is indeed provocative", adding that this lie comes from the two bodies that have in their hands this finding. "One is the Public Prosecutor's Office, which the Prosecutor's Office of the First Instance cannot have done. The second is the Anti-Criminal Proceeds Authority... And the truth that hurts him immeasurably that it happened one year during the covid period, in '21, when then all the shops were closed," he said.

"The thousands of euros that Antonis Remos pays to the tax office all these years, in the five years and earlier, because the five-year period is controlled, they hide them," he stressed at another point and added: "I cannot say the amounts he pays to the tax office because we live in a difficult period financially and there is also flourishing crime and they may target them. But I tell you that this leak is our complaint. War we do not start with the authorities. War begins with falsehood wherever it comes from."

Finally, Mr. Dimitrakopoulos assured, as Antonis Remos had done yesterday with the video he uploaded, that the popular singer continues the concert program normally, because, as he stressed, 100 people work for them.

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From her part, the wife of the famous artist, Yvonne Bosniak, publicly showed her support for Antonis Remos, with a simple post on Instagram, where she posted in a story a photo of him from the stage while singing and sent her own message. "With you until the end of the world," Yvonne Bosniak wrote of her husband, making an indirect reference to one of his most beloved songs.