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Apostolos Lytras: He confessed to the brutal beating of his wife and was released with restrictive conditions!

apostolos lytras

The well-known criminal lawyer Apostolos Lytras, who was arrested for the brutal beating of his wife in the early hours of Sunday, apologized today and with a unanimous decision of the Prosecutor and the Investigator, he was released with restrictive conditions.

Eva Metis Koutoumanou

We remind you that the 37-year-old wife of the big lawyer, a lawyer herself, was transferred by her husband to a private clinic in the early hours of Sunday, with serious injuries.

Both she and her husband claimed at the time that the woman's injuries were from an accident inside the house, specifically a fall from a ladder.

The doctor who examined her, however, found that her injuries, very serious, were caused by a human being and not a fall from a ladder.

The woman reportedly admitted this to the doctor when they were alone, during the examination, when he asked her if her husband was responsible for her condition and she nodded.

It is worth noting that his first wife had also sued him for domestic violence in 2017, while according to the show "Proino" of ANT1, the lawyer is involved in another similar case, in 2016, when police officers of Direct Action found a lawyer, working with Apostolos Lytras, seriously abused inside the offices of his law firm.

The police had advised, always according to the ANT1 report, the woman to report the incident to the nearest police station, but she did not do so.

As did his most recent victim, his second wife, who initially claimed he fell down the stairs and today while her husband admitted hitting her, she testified that it was the first time she had done so and defended him.

Tragically, this woman, lawyer Sofia Polyzogopoulou, defended abused women and urged them to report their abusers, which she did not do herself.

Neither the lawyer in his office nor his first wife, who despite taking legal action against him in 2017, today testified that her ex-husband never hit her and the lawsuit was for verbal abuse!

And so, the well-known criminal lawyer Apostolos Lytras, a regular guest on various TV shows, was released despite the brutal beating of his second wife, which he confessed.

People from the clinic's environment who were present at the arrival of Apostolos Lytras' wife described that the couple entered the clinic without anyone recognizing them. According to the same testimony, "the woman was so traumatized that she sat in a wheelchair. Her injuries were evident. She was holding her face and mouth because it hurt."

Because of injuries to her mouth and tongue, the woman was unable to speak, the sources said, with the criminal lawyer taking charge of communication with doctors and nursing staff and "being reassuring and cooperative and claiming that the injuries came from a fall down the stairs."

In his testimony, the doctor, who reported the incident to the authorities, said he was called to see a patient who had been hit on the head and then found that she had bruises, abrasions and swelling, as well as a fracture in the nose and finger of the right hand.

"When I was asked which man hit her, if he was the same one who had brought her to the emergency room, she answered me in the affirmative," the doctor adds, adding that she immediately informed Immediate Action of her own actions.

According to the official medical report of the doctor who examined her, Sofia Polyzogopoulou "Clinically she has bruises and swelling of the face – forehead, cheekbones, bilateral ecchymoses of the orbits (racoon eyes), traumatic trauma of the right lobe, ear, swelling and bleeding of the nose, abrasions and swellings of the upper and lower lip, contusional trauma of the tongue, abrasions and swelling of the forearm, edema in the proximal phalangophalangeal joint of the right little finger scalp cephalhematoma.

Imaging findings: fracture of nasal bone, base fracture – palmar surface – middle phalanx of little finger, right hand. Laboratory carries elevated CPU values.

She has blood on her scalp as well as strands of hair on her clothes and body."

According to information circulating in the Greek media since the morning, 37-year-old Sofia Polyzogopoulou, who had been separated from her husband Apostolos Lytras for 6 months, went out with him for lunch at a well-known restaurant in the southern suburbs. Near midnight on Sunday morning, they left and allegedly argued fiercely in the car over the SMS messages the 37-year-old was sending.

As a result of this fight, the woman ended up badly injured with facial fractures, blackened eyes, a broken finger and ripped hair.

And it was not this abused woman who reported him, but the doctor who examined her and was able to do so thanks to the Floridis law, which has been in force in Greece since May 1 and allows doctors - and some other specialties - to report incidents of domestic violence, if there is evidence, without legal sanctions from the complainants.

However, the famous criminal lawyer was released after his apology for beating his wife, a decision that raises questions and concerns about whether anyone can proceed to violence and then go around undisturbed, claiming that he has a psychological issue and needs help.

In his first statement after the decision of the investigator and the prosecutor, Apostolos Lytras admitted that he beat his wife and claimed that "I cannot give an explanation" for the incident, adding that he will seek help to heal.

According to information, Apostolos Lytras was imposed the restrictive condition not to approach his wife and to move immediately from the common house, where he lives with his wife, a ban on approaching her and an obligation to attend a special psychological support program.

It remains to be seen what will be decided at his trial as he faces a felony domestic violence offense (for grievous intentional harm) which carries a prison sentence, mandatorily served, of 5 to 20 years.