Friday, May 24 2024

Appeal for Mati tragedy court decision


An appeal was filed by the Prosecutor's Office of Appeals against the decision of the three-member Misdemeanour Court for the tragedy in Mati. The appeal was lodged for the part of the acquittals, the mitigating circumstances and the conversion of the sentence to a fine. The appeal excludes only the elderly man who set the fire who had a 3-year sentence because legally it could not be brought.

HDN Newsroom

After the intervention of the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, the Prosecutor's Office of the Court of Appeals moved immediately and, within the ten days period given by law, filed the appeal. This practically means that a total of 20 defendants, both convicted and acquitted, will sit in the dock of the three-member Misdemeanor Court of Appeal.

The appeal was filed by the prosecutor of appeals, Spyridon Pappas. The case will therefore be reviewed in its entirety on appeal.

At the same time, Justice has begun a race to clear the decision, so that the trial at second instance, that is, in the Court of Appeal, will begin in 2024, as there is a risk of the statute of limitations, which occurs in July 2026.