Tuesday, July 16 2024

Ark of the World founder and seven more to stand trial over child abuse

Ark Father Antonios
The founder of the Ark of the World children’s charity, along with seven staff members, is to stand trial on charges of indecent assault, mistreatment of minors and instigating abusive behavior against minors.
The Athens Public Prosecutor’s Office proceeded to criminal prosecutions after months of investigations in response to complaints, and intense media attention, about sexual abuse and illegal practices by the Ark’s management.
Father Antonios, 52, was charged with indecent assault of minors, following complaints made by a former resident, who is now 19, and another 15-year-old boy who continues to reside in the Ark.
In addition, criminal charges were brought against seven employees for a series of abusive behaviors against underage residents, for misdemeanors including bodily injury with varying degrees of criminal risk, such as dangerous bodily injury, simple bodily injury, and the offense of endangering minors.