Thursday, June 20 2024

Athens suspends the ratification of the cooperation memoranda with Skopje


Although Athens has repeatedly stated that it respects the Prespa Agreement, it nevertheless now makes it clear to Skopje that the implementation of the agreement is an on going process of continues evaluation and it’s being reviewed constantly.

The official and strict message was sent to Zoran Zaev, on the occasion of his post a few days ago on social media, in which he referred to the football team of his country as “Macedonian”.

The Maximos Palace, having “noted” similar moves lately reacted immediately expressing the intense discomfort of Athens through the government representative. Aristotle Peloni, paying attention to every word of the statement, addressed Zoran Zaev, urging him to refrain from “divisive rhetoric”.

Those in the know emphasize that another important point of the Maximos Palace’s message to the neighboring country refers to the “reminder” that: first, New Democracy’s criticism of the Prespa Agreement was about the use of the term “Macedonian” for the language and the identity and secondly, that as everything is being evaluated, so is the time that the cooperation memoranda will be ratified by the Greek Parliament.

“In any case, the message was sent and was received by Mr. Zaev, who must act accordingly”, said a government official, confirming the information -which serves as a means of pressure on Northern Macedonia- that there is no possibility that the memoranda will come to be ratified in parliament at least until this autumn.