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Attica braces for winter snowfall in forecast update


From Sunday through to Wednesday, mainland Greece is projected to experience a significant decrease in temperatures alongside local snowfall in its mountainous areas. In Attica specifically, snowfall is predicted to intensify starting Monday afternoon in mountainous and semi-mountainous regions, extending to lower-altitude areas by evening.

Projected cumulative snowfall depth (in centimeters) in eastern mainland areas until noon on Tuesday, as calculated by the numerical weather prediction model of / National Observatory of Athens.

Additionally, localized snowfall is expected across the mountainous regions of Macedonia, Thrace, Thessaly, central Sterea Ellada, the Peloponnese, Evia and Crete. Mainland areas should anticipate local frost during morning and evening hours, particularly in eastern regions where temperatures are expected to decrease significantly.

Furthermore, increased cloud cover and localized showers are forecasted for eastern and southern regions, accompanied by sporadic thunderstorms and northeast winds reaching speeds of up to 7 Beaufort in the Aegean Sea. 

The Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Ministry’s Risk Assessment Committee is slated to convene at noon on Sunday, followed by an Interministerial Committee meeting at 1 p.m.