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Battles with wildfire for another day in Greece: Difficult situation in Chios and Kos

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For another day, firefighters and volunteers in Greece are battling the wildfires, with the effort focused - mainly - on Kos and Chios, where the fire continues its destructive work, while without an active front are the fires in Monemvasia and Gortys, Crete. Two firefighters were injured in Chios while emergency messages from 112 have been sent to Kardamena Kos, Metochi Chios, Katofygi and Xeniakos Crete.

HDN Newsroom

According to, the fire front in Kos - around seven in the afternoon - flared up due to strong winds. And during a briefing on the fires that took place a few minutes after 18:30, Pyrarch Vasilios Vathrakogiannis said that the situation on Chios is difficult. In total, more than 200 firefighters are working on both fires:  68 in Kos and 142 in Chios, while the forces will be reinforced in the coming hours. Also, during the firefighting in Chios, fortunately 2 firefighters were slightly injured.

51 agroforestry fires occurred in the last 24 hours. 44 of them were dealt with immediately and fire brigades are currently fighting 8 more fires.

Without an active front are the fires in Distomo in Viotia, Zakynthos, Heraklion in Crete and in Agios Elissaios in Laconia.

In the fire that broke out this morning in the area of Portes Antimachia in Kos, the picture is improved, but with several more difficult to deal with, active outbreaks.

68 firefighters with 6 teams of forest commandos are operating, including 32 firefighters who flew from Athens, 9 vehicles, 6 aircraft and 2 helicopters.

The forces on the island will be further reinforced with 15 firefighters and 2 vehicles going by boat from Rhodes.

In the fire of Chios, 142 firefighters with 8 teams of forest commandos are operating, including 30 firefighters who flew from Athens, 21 vehicles, 7 aircraft and 3 helicopters of which 1 for their coordination.

The forces will be reinforced in the coming hours with 66 firefighters and 12 vehicles going by boat from Lesvos and Athens.

The situation remains difficult on Chios, and great efforts will continue to be made by all Civil Protection forces on the island to contain it.

During the extinguishing, fortunately, 2 firefighters were slightly injured.

A few minutes ago, a new fire broke out in the area of Katafygi, Heraklion, Crete and a message was issued by 112 to inform the residents of the area.

We emphasize that the danger posed by fires requires everyone's attention.

The fire in Kos is ongoing with air forces reinforced from Athens and Rhodes. In addition, forces travel by boat from Lesvos. According to the, the places where the flames are burning are scattered. Also, as the local media points out, following the message from 112 that was sent, those tourists and residents who are in Kardamena and do not have a vehicle, can board the buses to leave.

The fire in Chios broke out this morning, in a forest area in the area of Sidirounta. Ground and air forces were immediately mobilized. According to the, such is the fiery load that at two o'clock in the afternoon, the cloud of smoke was visible in the city of Chios. Firefighters were also taken to hospital with burns while searching for an elderly man from whose field the fire is suspected to have started.

112 sent a message about the fires in both Kos and Chios, while the fire that broke out earlier on Monday afternoon (1/7) in an area of the Municipality of Gortys, near Agioi Deka, is in remission.

From the very first moment, strong forces of the Fire Brigade from land and air participated in the operation, as well as technical means and water tankers of the Region of Crete and the Municipality. At this time there is no active front, but strong forces still remain and operate at the site, which is located near the archaeological site of Gortys.

Indeed, according to the Executive Regional Councilor for Civil Protection of the Region of Crete in Heraklion, Yiannis Leontarakis, the danger of the flames reaching the archaeological site was visible, but the immediate mobilization and the decisive, as he stressed, contribution of the aerial means that made drops, eliminated any possibility. In addition, there was an extremely urgent alert via 112 to the residents of the area, to be ready and follow the instructions of the authorities.

A fire broke out today at noon on Monday, July 1st, in Crete, near the village of Katofygi in the Municipality of Viannos with an emergency message from 112 already sent to the residents of the area.