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Boston expert says Greek wine world’s best suited to food

Boston expert says Greek wine world’s best suited to food

Greek wine is criminally underrated, but an expert on the subject, Evan Turner of Boston’s Krasi Meze and Wine – wants to put it straight and let the world know there’s none better when it comes to being paired with a country’s food.

He told USA Today that most of the Greek wines that make it to the United States – mostly unadvertised with the little market, about 85 percent – are from producers no more than two decades old although Greek winemaking goes back 6,500 years. “There are all these beautiful old vineyards sitting around in Greece,” said Turner, who said he’s been associated with Greece for some 40 years.

“Greek wines tend to be less jammy and fruity – whether they’re reds or whites – and more about these wonderful secondary flavors of earthiness, minerality, and herbaceousness”, he said. “Everybody is far more adventurous with wine, spirits, and food,” says Turner. “Everyone wants to try something new and exciting and to be on the cutting edge. That’s been great for Greek wine.” And when it comes to matching wine with food, nobody does it better than Greece.