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Cash found in MEP Eva Kaili’s Brussels home. Kaili expelled from PASOK-KINAL. Husband and father also arrested.

eva kaili
Police investigating the suspected bribery by Qatar at the European Parliament found large amount of cash in the home of Greek MEP Eva Kaili, a Belgian newspaper reported.  “Bags of cash found at the home of the European Parliament vice-president,” the headline in L’Echo stated.
The publication said that Eva Kaili’s father was allegedly found “in possession of a suitcase full of cash and was on the move, having been alerted by his accomplices, as investigators believe.”
Kaili has been arrested along with four others in connection to the alleged corruption affair, the Wall Street Journal has reported.
Her partner has also been arrested.
Belgium’s federal prosecutor’s office said Friday that investigators suspect a Gulf state of attempting to influence decisions by paying money or offering gifts to people connected with the European Parliament.
Kaili, who was elected with socialist PASOK and is one of the European Parliament’s 14 vice-presidents, was expelled from the party after the investigations by the Belgian authorities into allegations of corruption became known.
A party spokesperson on Saturday called on the politician to return her seat to the party.
The Socialists & Democrats group in the parliament also said it had “taken the decision to suspend MEP Eva Kaili’s membership of the S&D Group with immediate effect, in response to the ongoing investigations.”