Tuesday, July 16 2024

Champion pilots paint the sky above Crete with “2022”


Shortly before the end of 2021, pilots Katerina Kalligiannaki and Nikos Makrakis, air athletes and champions of Greece in 2020-2021, boarded a single-engine aircraft and formed in the sky of Crete the number “2022”.

According to Creta Live, this was done for the first time with a single-engine, ultralight aircraft without autopilot.

The plane was tracked at 3,500 feet from the ground in the area of Heraklion.

The huge “2022” was 25 km long and 8 km wide, while the total distance flown by the plane was about 90-100 nautical miles or ~ 180 km.

It started from the area of ​​Tylisos and ended in the area of ​​Episkopi.

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The two pilots dedicated the flight to all Greeks.