Thursday, June 20 2024

Change of guard in Athens and Thessaloniki following the second round of elections in Greece

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The second round of the local and regional elections in Greece that took place yesterday, Sunday, brought changes to the two largest municipalities of Greece, Athens and Thessaloniki. However, the number of people who went to vote hit record low!

Eva Metis Koutoumanou

With just 26.73% voters in Athens and 32,57% in Thessaloniki the candidates officially backed by ruling New Democracy lost and the same happened in the regional elections with five out of the six remaining regions in the runoff lost.

In Athens, PASOK-backed Haris Doukas scored a resounding victory over incumbent mayor Kostas Bakoyannis in the Greek capital. With more than 97% of the vote counted, Doukas was cruising with 55.97% against Bakoyannis, backed by ND, with 44.03%.

In Thessaloniki, northern Greece, independent Stelios Angeloudis was elected with a triumphant 67% against incumbent Konstantinos Zervas.

Referring to the losses of ND-backed candidates in the regional elections after a dominant first round performance, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis conceded that it was “not a good night for New Democracy.”

ND, the governing party, won the Peloponnese in the regional elections but lost four of the remaining regions (East Macedonia and Thrace, West Macedonia, Thrace, and the Northern Aegean) that were won by "party rebels". The other loss was in Thessaly, which was devastated by floods last month and the ND candidate Kostas Agorastos lost from Dimitris Kouretas who was backed by PASOK and SYRIZA.