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Climate change and its impacts in Greece

 Climate change and its impacts in Greece

Climate change and its impacts have been central topics of discussion in Greece, especially after a summer of intense heat waves and devastating wildfires. Aside from creating a new ministry to exclusively handle the fallout from climate change, the Greek government has also announced ambitious targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions, completely faze out the use of coal powered power plants, and invest in electrification and renewable energy.

While the focus in Greece has been on this summer’s wildfires, climate change is already having a wider impact on many aspects of Greek life. Journalist John Psaropoulos joins The Greek Current to discuss his latest four part series for Al Jazeera on the problems of climate change in Greece, and to look ahead at some of the steps Greece is taking in response.

John Psaropoulos is an independent journalist based in Greece and Al Jazeera’s southeast Europe correspondent.